Good new about real progress…

This is a brief follow-up to my recent blog post on concerns about the weakening of our system of checks and balances. There is very good news about real progress in the past few days on the concerns highlighted, and that our system of checks and balances is working well.

With regards to checks and balances, this past Friday (February 3rd) Federal Judge James Robart blocked President Trump’s travel plan, and the good news for the system of checks and balances is that the DHS and the CBP – and actually the entire executive branch – is complying with this ruling. This is what was lacking a few days ago.

Article: Trump Just Got Checked and Balanced

Of course the DOJ has now appealed, and this will now most likely reach the U. S. Supreme Court…but this is all fine and is in line with how checks and balances work. The important achievement here is that the executive department is no longer violating this important foundational principle of checks and balances.

With regards to the second topic about NSC membership, there is also good news. Congress has heard our voices, and six Senators (Warner, Leahy, Feinstein, Harris, Heinrich, and Mekley) have introduced legislation to address this very serious concern. Of course there is still a long road ahead to get this passed, but this is a very important step in the right direction.

Article: Legislation to Codify Membership on the NSC

Finally, my post also mentioned concerns on Steve Bannon’s extreme views. Over the past few days there has been significantly increased visibility and awareness on this topic. This is important and should help further increase support for legislation such as above.

Article: Steve Bannon’s Obsession with a Dark Theory of History

Article: Time cover labels Bannon ‘The Great Manipulator’

Article: House Minority Leader Nancy Blasts Steve Bannon

Article: Leading Republican Senator John McCain Blasts Bannon Placement on NSC

Thus, in summary, very good progress over the past few days, and this shows the amazing power of both our system of checks and balances, and of what people can achieve by reaching out to their members of Congress.

However, we must avoid the risk of becoming complacent, and remain proactive. President Trump’s response to the ruling by the Federal Judge (tweeting about him being a ‘so-called judge’ despite him having been nominated by President Bush [a fellow Republican] and unanimously confirmed by the Senate!) hints that he is going to continue to push for expanded executive power, and thus we need to continue to be vigilant and proactive in terms of contacting our members of Congress.








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