Letter to My Members of Congress Opposing the Recent Travel Ban

President Trump #ismypresident, and I decided to give him a fair chance (as both former President Obama and Hillary Clinton had recommended) and wait until after his inauguration to see how he would perform as President of the United States.

Now that we’ve seen his priorities and decisions during his first week, I am of the view that we should proactively speak up and lobby our members of Congress on any of his initiatives which we feel are extreme and not aligned with who we are, our founding principles, Presidential norms and expectations, and legal requirements. I will periodically be posting on this topic – and below is my first such write-up which was originally shared as a Facebook post on January 30th]

I just contacted my two Senators and my Representative expressing my strong disagreement with President Trump’s recently announced blanket travel ban (for multiple reasons), and would suggest that anyone who feels the same do so also.

Some thoughts if/when contacting your member of Congress:

(1) thank your Senator or Representative for their service
(2) ask them to represent your views, but focus on one main issue in the communication (whatever is highest priority for you) so as to not confuse your messaging. If multiple topics of concern, then would suggest sending separate communications for each topic.
(3) if they’ve already taken a stand representing your views, then thank them for doing so, but still write to them
(4) optional – but if you, like me, philosophically reject the entire concept of ‘alternate facts’, then please also ask your member of Congress to speak out publicly to challenge any such fabrications, and to also support the media in any such challenges. This type of behavior must not and cannot be normalized.
(5) remind them that you do vote (hopefully you do! smile emoticon:-)) and that your decision in the next election will be based upon how well they represented your views (if you voted for them in the last election, you can mention this also)
(6) mention about your usage of social media and how you will also share your feedback on your members of Congress via social media
(7) if your member of Congress is a Democrat and thus most likely already representing your views, still contact them so that they are assured about support for their positions
(8) if your member of Congress is a Republican, and thus may or may not be representing your views, PLEASE CONTACT THEM ON HIGH PRIORITY! If they are opposed to this blanket travel ban, then they will be reassured about support from their constituents for their position. If they are supporting this ban, then this group in particular needs to hear opposition views – hopefully enough such views to make them rethink their position.

I would like to follow-up on #4 above by thanking Senator Durbin Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Duckworth Senator Tammy Duckworth, and Representative Davis Congressman Danny K. Davis, for their support on topics such as above.


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