Book Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (five out of five stars)


Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter is just…hmm…trying to find the right word here…it is just…AWESOME!

It is so hard to describe this book. At a high-level, it is a mix of science fiction and a love story. This might not sound so unique…but add in some quantum physics and philosophy…and you end up with a book unlike any that I’ve ever read before.

Jason Dessen, who is living an ordinary life, is one day abducted and knocked unconscious. When he awakes, he is in a completely different world where nothing – his family, his career, etc. – is the same. And as he realizes this, he wonders: which world is real?

The book is such a joy to read, with some surprises throughout the book, that I’m going to hold off on mentioning any further details on the plot. Crouch has written this book very well with a fast “on-the-edge-of-your-seat” pace which makes it hard to put this book down. It is well researched, and the plot is quite solid.

My initial concern area when I started the book was that Crouch does not spend time going into depth on details of the characters, their background, etc. But upon completing the book, it turns out that this actually works well for the story – had he gone into this level of depth, it would have slowed down the page-turning rapid pace which makes this book so exciting.

The only other minor concern is that upon reflection there are a couple of minor gap and/or unclear areas in the plot. But these are trivial and don’t have a material impact on this excellent storyline.

And, for fellow Chicagoans, an added pleasant surprise: the story is set in Chicago. It is great reading about various familiar landmarks and neighborhoods in this book.

For parents, this book does have a small amount of mature content, and, while teenagers would love the storyline, I would not recommend this for children and younger teenagers due to this content.

I highly recommend this book – not only will one thoroughly enjoy this, who knows…it might even change the way one views life a little bit… 🙂

Rating: Five out of five stars







age appropriate


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