Movie Review: Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

Just saw this movie – definitely a ‘must see’. We all know parts of Nelson Mandela’s incredible life and struggle for freedom and equality, but these are only bits and pieces. This movie takes us through his entire life and provides a holistic and complete look at his life. The acting is superb – Idris Elba and Naomie Harris do an amazing job acting as Nelson and Winnie Mandela. This filiming is well done, and one feels like one is watching actual events. Areas that could have been better include adding a little bit more about topics such as his childhood and events after his release from prison and better make-up at some parts (e.g., Mandela’s aging). The film does also show his personal flaws, and this helps us to understand him holistically. Should children see this? My initial thought is ‘yes, of course!’. However, there are some scenes near the start that are not that appropriate for younger children, and there are scenes of violence, so I wouldn’t suggest this for younger children. But otherwise would definitely suggest this for kids 13+ – it is important that they are aware of Mandela’s life story, and this is the perfect film for introducing them to this topic.

Rating: 3.5 out of 4


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