Dhoom 3 = Must-See Mega-Entertainment (and Chicago looks awesome!)

‘Dhoom 3’ is pure entertainment – and it definitely works!  Set aside your brain/logic, grab some popcorn (a big tub since this is three hours long), kick back in your movie seat, and enjoy!

‘Dhoom 3’ is the third in the series, but they are all disconnected so one does not need to have seen the earlier two ‘Dhoom’ movies.  This time Aamir Khan is the main star, and he steals the show.  The movie revolves around his acting, and he has done a phenomenal job here – an all-around amazing performance.  The next two stars in the movie are Katrina Kaif,  and…Chicago!  Katrina Kaif spent over a year training (Pilates, aerial acrobatics) for this films, and it shows.  Her role is somewhat limited, but she does a great job with her scenes.  And what a beautiful filming of the great city of Chicago – downtown, the Magnificent Mile, Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, the ‘El‘, lower Wacker Drive, Grant Park, Chicago at night, and on and on and on.

The story is great and intriguing (if you set aside logic at a few times), and the special effects are top notch 99% of the time.  The movie is well directed, and – even though it is three hours in length – you are so engaged that you don’t notice the time at all.  Abhishek Bachchan does a good job in his role – better than in the previous ‘Dhoom’ film.  Uday Chopra does OK – but for those who’ve seen earlier ‘Dhoom’ films it will seem a bit repetitive.

Dances are well done and songs are good – not great – but enjoyable.  Dialogues are well written.  And…in case I forgot to mention this…Aamir Khan did an incredible job of acting in this movie!

There are items that could have been better – these include Aamir’s tap dancing, Katrina’s character’s development/involvement could have been more, the entrance seen for Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, and apparently some parts of the plot were copied from some Hollywood films.

But these are minor points, and overall this is pure high-octane holiday entertainment!  The film not only had a record opening in India, Pakistan, and other countries, it also is the first Bollywood film to ever finish in the top ten in the US box office (number nine this past weekend).  Thus, for those in the US interested in perhaps seeing a Bollywood film at some point, this is the perfect one to get started with!


Rating: **** out of **** (four out of four stars)




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