Movie Review: Gravity

Wow – what a movie!

I was hooked from the first few seconds. The movie is visually stunning, the direction is fantastic, and the special effects top-notch. I’m not even going to mention the story except to say that it is set in space, and is one of the best space films ever made. One is on the edge of their seat throughout the movie.

Acting is very good also. George Clooney is good as he usually is. But Sandra Bullock is superb! She always acts well in all of her movies, but this was an incredibly challenging role, and she did an amazing job with this role. Script is good also – quite solid and creative especially given the challenging theme.

I saw it in 3D and would strongly recommend seeing it in 3D. For parents, this movie is quite kid-friendly with the only two items to note are: (1) an occasional swear word and (2) a couple of ‘scary’ scenes.

Don’t miss this excellent movie!

Rating: **** (out of ****)


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Gravity

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  2. An interesting fact: It took more than 100 mn USD to make this movie, while ISRO was able to launch ‘Mangalyaan’ the Mars Mission in 75 mn USD.
    “Jugaad” has become our National Strength .. 🙂

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