Book Review: “Inferno” by Dan Brown

Surprisingly – I really enjoyed this book. I say ‘surprisingly’ because, although I am a Dan Brown fan and have read all of his books, I was somewhat disappointed with his last book, “The Lost Symbol”. I felt it wasn’t at the level of his earlier books, and I started to have doubts on his future works.

I doubt no more. Inferno is classic Dan Brown – fast-paced, classical famous cities rich in art, history, architecture, and symbolism, thought-provoking, and very well written. One theme, as the name implies, is Dante’s “Inferno”, the first part of his “Divine Comedy”. There is another theme throughout the book which I won’t disclose here – but it is an interesting topic and he builds the story well around both themes.

Robert Langdon is back as the main character in the book. This time the setting is primarily in Florence. There is less of a focus on symbolism then in some of his recent works, and more of a focus on art, but it still works well for this story. Just one word of warning: this is a real page-turner, so after a certain point in the book, be aware that it is almost impossible to put the book down!

Rating: **** (out of a possible ****)


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