Time to Try Twitter – Part 1

Once I had started posting on FB and had created this blog, I thought that with these two items, and also with LinkedIn, I was now set for the wold of social networking.  However, there was a doubt in my mind about Twitter.  I didn’t get it and didn’t see any advantage of also starting to use Twitter, but it seems like it is always mentioned in the same context as FB when people talk about social networking.  Since I was now on FB, I thought I would post about this to see what others thought.

Well…the response was quite varied – from those who agreed with my view, to some who posted in favor of using Twitter.  One friend in particular, John Stearns, made a fairly strong argument for Twitter, including adding the following thought-provoking quote, “Twitter can make you love people you’ve never met. Facebook can make you hate people you’ve known all your life.” (now I’m a bit worried about the possible long-term effects of having joined FB… 🙂

Thus, I’m now too curious to stop, and am now starting on a three month ‘pilot’ of using Twitter.  I’ll review in three months and see whether I find any benefits of using Twitter.  I would note that I did a bit of research after the posts, and realized that there is a lot more to Twitter than just posting in a similar manner to FB.  A couple of such items that I’m starting to learn about are the use of hash tags (‘#’) and the topic of ‘trending’ (an interesting and creative idea…)

So…time to tweet!  And, if you wish to connect via Twitter…I’m at rohitgupta999…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Time to Try Twitter – Part 1

  1. You’ll find the differences in time. I find that I use Facebook more for my circle of friends/ family, while I use Twitter more for my interests.

  2. Interesting – yes, now that I’ve started to use Twitter I’m beginning to notice this difference – but it will take me a little more time to understand this better. Looking forward to exploring Twitter…

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