Malala Day


Today is ‘Malala Day’.  If you do not know much about Malala Yousafzai, then please, please take a few minutes to learn about her and her story today.  Here are links to both her background, this day, and her speech at the UN on her birthday today:

What an amazing and inspirational story of courage, bravery, forgiveness, hope, and peace!  But do not stop here.  I read these articles and was very inspired, but then I decided to take 20 minutes and watch the video of her speech today at the United Nations (  I was left speechless after watching this.  This speech is a ‘must watch’ – I won’t even try to describe how powerful and inspiring her speech is, but please do watch this if you can.

Finally – I feel it is very important that all children see this video to understand the extreme challenges children in parts of the world face for education, the incredible courage and spirit that she has displayed, her amazing desire for education for all children, an inspiring example of ‘the pen being mightier than the sword’, and her amazingly powerful message of forgiveness, peace, and love.


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