Hello, World!

I started my first Facebook post with “Hello, World!”. There was a reason for choosing these two words. Actually, there were three reasons, with the third being the main reason.

The first had to do with the word “Hello”. This is probably the most recognized word worldwide for greeting people. The Wikipedia page for this word lists over 40 languages which use this word. In fact, there is even a World Hello Day with a goal of saying “Hello” to at least ten people to help promote world peace!

The second had to do with the word “World”. We are living in an amazingly globalized society and a lot of us are connected via Facebook to family and friends all across the world. The continuing increase in connections across the world via social media can also hopefully be a factor in helping us work towards a peaceful future.

The third reason is that this little phrase is actually a phrase that all computer software developers will recognize – as per Wikipedia, it is usually the first program written in any programming language. Now for what might seem like a digression, but I’ll reconnect soon with this topic: a few years ago I read a brief article someplace which basically challenged the reader to take 15-20 minutes and list 10 items that they really and truly enjoyed doing in their childhood (including teenage) years. The writer then asked how many you are doing now – and whether you would like to do more of these and will be able to adjust your schedule and priorities to do so. The point he was getting at, was his view that if we go back to items that we enjoyed in our childhood, we will find a very satisfying happiness in pursuing these again. I cannot recall the name of the author – I believe it was Guy Kawasaki, but I could be mistaken.

Now back to the original topic – I enjoyed computer programming when I was younger, and did software development earlier in my career, but haven’t done much hands-on programming for a while now. I recently restarted programming, and my first program upon restarting using a new programming language was…”Hello, World!” – which now reconnects us to the original topic. Another example is basketball – I used to enjoy playing this when I was younger, but hadn’t played for years. I recently started playing again occasionally, and found a real pleasure in doing so. I could continue…but the point I wanted to make here was the third reason for posting this phrase – to connect with the the above thought from the article I read. I’d like to ask you to consider trying this approach if interested. I’d be interested to hear any feedback on this if you try this approach.


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