Conquering Facebookphobia

OK – ‘Facebookphobia’ might be too strong of a word here, but the reality is that I joined Facebook in 2007, but only started using it now – six years later! Some of this is due to just not taking the first step to get started. However, upon review, I believe that there were also at least three additional reasons for this:

1. Worried that it might become too time consuming and, related to this, not sure if I would be able to keep up with posts from everyone
2. Not comfortable with some of the privacy options
3. Not clear how to handle a public forum where there are different groups of family members and friends all on the same forum

However, recently I decided to go for it, and addressed each of the above as follows:

1. I’ll take this risk – if too time consuming then I just won’t use it as regularly. If I miss some posts from others due to limited time, then I can’t do much about this – and I’d rather take this risk than not use Facebook (and I’m assuming all will understand…)
2. The privacy options have improved quite a bit, and I’m now comfortable with them
3. This one I find the most interesting. I feel in our modern age we often live in multiple cities, states, and maybe even countries, and some of us also are from multiple backgrounds. This ends up creating different groups who we interact with (family, friends from different phases in our lives, work colleagues from different times in our lives, etc.) – and now with Facebook, if one posts with visibility to all friends, we are now interacting with all of these groups in a common forum. However, my view now on this topic is that this can be quite positive because one can make posts for the common forum from different perspectives/backgrounds, and it can also expose people to thoughts and experiences that they might not have come across within their normal circle.

So – I am now on Facebook! Let’s see how the journey goes…


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